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Overall a very good process. Communication was constant but not overwhelming. The offer was fair and better than the 2 others I received. I considered listing it with an agent but really did not want to mess with it. I’m glad I let them buy it.

– Robert

Reputable Virginia Cash Buyers

We Buy Houses, LLC is a Virginia licensed, legitimate cash buyer for your house. We are fully registered and compliant in accordance to all the statues and limitations in the state of Virginia.

Our goal is to offer you solutions to sell your home fast and in a way that fits your needs-not ours.

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Timeframe: Once we get your info, we’re usually able to make you an all-cash offer quickly so you can sell your home fast-typically within one business day!

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Here is a case study for a home we bought with cash…

The house below is actually not in bad shape-it just needs cleaning and updating.

Some of the houses we buy are actually in really good condition. Some just need a thorough cleaning and painting. Other homes we buy need to be gutted and completely rebuilt. We are experienced home buyers and renovators.

OK, so if the house above is completely renovated and it would sell for $300k, how much would it sell for as-is?

The big difference between us and many of our competitors is our ability to renovate the property economically and to purchase the property directly from the owner. Because we are efficient, we are typically able to offer you more money for your home than a lot of other companies. We pass our competitive advantage onto you in the form of the highest offer possible!

So say it costs us $25,000 in repairs for the above house. That is clean-up, new plumbing and light fixtures, paint, flooring and new appliances. The house did not need a head-to-toe renovation.

Once the house is renovated it’s time to sell! Selling a home comes with costs as well. If we purchase your house for cash we still have to pay to close, pay taxes, pay for title insurance, and many other items (this comes off of our bottom line-not yours). When we sell your house we have to pay commission to both the buyer and seller’s agent and closing again! This typically works out to 12% total of the After Repair Value (ARV) so another $36,000. This 12% is combined closing costs that we absorb on both the purchase and sale of a home.

Lastly, we have our cost of doing business which is around 10%. This goes towards vehicle expenses, website maintenance, advertising, salaries and other business related expenses. 10% of the ARV is $30,000.

Your cash offer on your house is the $300,000 ARV – $25,000 in repairs – $36,000 in closing/selling costs – $30,000 our operating costs =

$209,000 Cash to You!

Licensed Virginia Cash Buyers

We don’t use set numbers to determine your cash offer. We subtract repairs, closing costs and our operating costs to get to your cash offer. Our goal is to get your offer as high as humanly possible so you will tell your friends about us!

Our cash offers are totally dependent upon the property and the repairs itself. Our goal is to sell your home fast AND pay you what your home is worth in its current condition.


We could list your house on the market for $240,000 as-is, with no repairs and no clean-ups. You would have approximately 10% total in closing costs, commissions, etc… This would be $24,000 total.

There is no guarantee your house will sell quickly or for the exact price that it is listed at. Any mortgages and liens would need to be taken into account as well.

Selling to We Buy Houses, LLC is a sure thing. We have our own funds which we use to purchase homes. If you list your house on the market you run the risk of the sale falling through. Upwards of 10% of home sales fail for varying reasons.

Reputable Virginia Cash Investors

Listing your house on the market with a selling price of $240,000 – $24,000 in closing/selling costs =


Sell to We Buy Houses, LLC for cash

$209,000 total to you

List with We Buy Houses, LLC

$216,000 total to you

The difference in listing your home on the market or selling your home to We Buy Houses, LLC is $7,000 in this instance. $7,000 is a lot of money but it also comes with the added time expense and frustration that comes with selling a home. For some folks $7,000 to save months of headache and stress is worth it. Some people are not in a hurry to sell fast and any extra money they receive is worth the hassle.

Regardless of what route you choose we can help walk you through the method that is best for you.

Contact Us today so we can discuss your options and help you achieve your house selling goals!

Manassas, VA House Purchase

Selling Your House Can Be A Quick And Simple Process

We Buy Houses, LLC buys houses in Northern Virginia!

We are both licensed real estate agents AND cash investors. We can close quickly sometimes in a matter of days or on a date of your choosing.

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We Buy Houses, LLC is a unique company that offers its customers a choice of how they want to sell their home.

We can purchase your home for cash or we can list your house on the market. We specialize in homes that need TLC and focus our efforts in order to maximize the amount of money you receive.

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Don’t worry about cleaning or moving.

A common misconception is that your house has to be pristine (or even empty) to sell on the market. We can list a house in almost any condition or purchase it for cash!

See what we can offer you for your house…